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What is a Quadricycle?

Under EEC Directive 92/61/EC (superseded to 2002/24/EC) a new vehicle category was created. Quadricycles are defined as having a maximum unladen mass of 400 Kg and with a maximum power of 15KW. Quadzilla® machines are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the above legislation.  

Can I convert my off road ATV for the road?

In Brief no, to adhere to the European Whole Vehicle Legislation the vehicle must be homologated at manufacturer or importer level.  Other registrations routes are possible such as “Light Agricultural Vehicle” or “Limited use” but these methods have restrictions and are intended for legitimate use in Agricultural, Horticultural or Forestry applications.

What licence is needed to drive a road legal Quadricycle or Buggy?

A full UK car license, or a full Motorcycle License if granted before Feb 2001. The actual category required is B1.  Under no circumstances should people under 16 years of age operate a Quadzilla Road Legal vehicle.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Classed as PLG (Private light goods) there is no legal requirement, but we strongly recommend that both driver and passenger always wear a suitable approved head and eye protection. It's critical your helmet fits you (this may seem obvious but you will be surprised…). In a crash your helmet could well be a lifesaver, so you should spend time sizing it up. Make sure that when the strap is done up, the helmet cannot move in any direction but it isn't so tight, you lose all the feelings in your ears. Ensure the lid is approved to United Nations Standard ECE 22.05, Quadzilla® Off road style helmets are also ACU Gold approved to allow you to use them in off road competitions sanctioned by the ACU. Never buy a second hand helmet, as you never know its history.

Do I need any other riding gear?

In addition to head and eye protection we strongly recommend suitable boots, clothing and gloves similar to those used by an experienced motorcyclist.

Can I ride a 50cc Quadricycle as a moped?

Unfortunately not, unlike the rest of Europe the UK do not recognise a four wheeled moped.

Is a Quadricycle exempt from congestion charges?

No Quadricycles are not exempt from congestion charges.

Are there any restrictions when riding on the road like an agricultural vehicle?

All QUADZILLA® Quadricycles are fully Whole Vehicle Type Approved in accordance with latest European Legislation. As PLG Status the Quadricycles can be legally used the same as any normal car or motorcycle without restriction.

Is there local support for servicing and repairs?

QUADZILLA® has over 200 stockists nationwide who sell and support the Quadzilla® brand, email the importer Fast Toys Ltd for details of your closest dealer.

Can under 16's ride Quadzilla road legal vehicles off road?

Under no circumstances should a person under the age of 16 operate a Quadzilla road legal vehicle.

What fuel do Quadricycles take?

Standard unleaded.

Are there any custom accessories available?

Quadzilla® (QZ) provide a full range of performance accessories and custom parts from Exhausts to Nerf Bars, Alloy Wheel, Spacers, Wider Axles,  Alloy Handle Bars, Twist Grips, Skid Plates and QZ hard and soft compound tyres!   

What training is required for on road?

There is no mandatory training to drive a Quadricycle, however as with all motorised vehicles we strongly recommend that you fully read the owners manual, familiarise yourself with the importance of all warning labels displayed on your ATV, take proper notice of the machines controls during the dealer handover procedure and undertake a training course on Quadricycle handling and operation. Contact The European ATV Safety Institute on 01903 816286, www.quadsafety.org or email: andy@quadsafety.org and/or LANTRA on 024 7641 9701, www.lantra.co.uk email: claire.smith@lantra.co.uk

What training is required for off road?

We strongly recommend that all Quad and ATV operators undertake a training course on Quad/ATV handling and operation. Contact The European ATV Safety Institute on 01903 816286, www.quadsafety.org or email: andy@quadsafety.org and/or LANTRA on 024 7641 9701, www.lantra.co.uk email: claire.smith@lantra.co.uk

How should I choose a suitable leisure Quad for a child?

Quads come in all shapes, size and power. Its important to choose a Quad/ATV that's right for your age and experience. We strongly recommend that you visit your local approved dealer for advice and review the full range. No one under the age of 16 shouSecurity - Buy at least an approved (Thatcham or Sold Secure)ld operate a Quad or ATV capable of exceeding 30 Miles per hour and or without adult supervision. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

I've got my Quad/ATV/Quadricycle, all the gear, anything else?

Security - Buy at least an approved (Thatcham or Sold Secure) disk lock and chain and always lock your Quadricycle to something secure


Does your road legal quad bike need a number plate?

Yes, as of January 2017 any road legal quad must display a number plate front and rear.


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